Transferring funds via Rajapur Urban Bank

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) service is…

Rajapur Urban Bank RTGS transactions are settled instantly, which means that funds are transferred and made available to the recipient immediately upon initiation.

  • RTGS is the fastest possible money transfer system through the banking channel in India.
  • Eliminates the need to send physical Cheque or Demand Draft to the beneficiary
  • Meant for higher value transactions
  • The minimum limit is Rs.2 lakh. No upper ceiling
  • Transfer funds from one bank to another on a real time
  • RTGS transactions done online (mobile banking) are free.
  • Transaction charges for RTGS from Rajapur Urban Bank Branches – Rs 15 + Applicable GST

Transaction Limits:

  • Minimum – Rs. 2 Lakh
  • For amounts above ₹2 lakh up to ₹5 lakh: ₹20 + applicable GST
  • For amounts above ₹5 lakh up to ₹10 lakh: ₹45 + applicable GST
  • RTGS transaction through NetBanking – the maximum amount of funds that can be transferred per day is as per customer’s TPT limit (Maximum upto Rs. 50 Lakh)



Transfer in time, so no waiting.

No Limit

No any limitations within India.


Smart authentication to ensure safety.