Business Loan

Rajapur Urban Bank offers business loan such as starting a new venture, expanding an existing one, managing day-to-day operations, or covering unexpected expenses.They are essential for business owners to maintain and grow their enterprises.

HGCC Loan (Subject to Review/Renewal Every Year)
# Loan Type Tenure Rate of Interest
1 HGCC Loan (New) 3 Years 13.50%
2 HGCC Loan Good Turnover A/C (As per System Report,Fulfillment of documents as per loan rules) 3 Years 12.50%
3 HGCC Loan A/C Other than Above 3 Years 14.50%
Business Term
# Tenure Rate of Interest
1 60 Months 14.50%
2 84 Months 15.00%

Access to Capital

Provide essential funds to businesses.

Financial Stability

Help businesses maintain cash flow.

Flexible Terms

Different types of loans offer varying terms,etc

Improving Credit

Help strengthen the business’s credit profile.